Green and Roasted Rice Tea

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By be-oom

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Perfect to Calm Your Soul

  • Handpicked and Precisely Blended
  • Made in Korea
  • Perfect to Calm Your Soul
  • A slow living and relaxing life attitude
  • The taste of nature
Product Information

  • Type: Relaxation tea
  • Weight: 50g
  • Tasting note: Nutty, autumnal flavour and a sweet finish
  • Packaging: Tin can
  • Brewing instruction: 2.5g of tea; 200ml water at 100 degrees; 1.5-2 mins; up to 3 infusions

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Handpicked and Precisely Blended

The green tea leaves were handpicked in late spring and have been precisely blended together with roasted brown rice. The proportion of the ingredients were carefully measured in order to deliver the best blend and the most balanced flavour.

Perfect to Calm Your Soul

The Green and Roasted Rice Tea is perfect for those calming moments you take to start and end your day. It is a tea with a nutty, autumnal flavour and a sweet finish. It is a perfect cup of tea to relax and turn off your mind after a long busy day.