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Designer Bench Made of Balau Wood

  • Made from vintage wood with history
  • 100% handcrafted
  • Strong and durable
  • Designer bench
Product Information

  • Type: Designer Bench
  • Collection: Designer Limited Collection
  • Wood Type: Balau wood
  • Production process: Handcrafted
  • Product of Origin: Hong Kong
  • Dimension: 90cm (l)x 23cm (w)x 33cm (h)

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Woodworking Procedures

This first step is jointing and sawing in order to transform rough lumber into smooth board and cutting huge board into appropriate sizes and shapes. After that, the wood master will start to make the wood joints for the table and then reinforce them. The process of sanding, scraping, filing and finishing will be next before installing the 4 legs of the bench. These processes are extremely important and require high level of experience and skills. These are very crucial steps as they directly impact the touch, the color and the quality of the final product. Subsequent to these important steps, the 4 legs of the table will be installed and final check will be conducted.

Full Of History

Moka’s material comes from an old junk rig called “Sanfunghou” in the 1990. Because of its age, the junk rig needs to be scrapped and all the useful materials were then turned into different kinds of useful furniture, and Moka is one of them. The big piece of wood was originally part of the bed for the crews. Although the wood was not as thick as that on the main deck, it was still very durable and solid. By applying amazing woodworking technique, Moka has transformed into a vintage, yet contemporarily classic wooden bench that full of history.

Handcrafted by Wood Master

Moka is designed and handcrafted by our Wood Master Mr Ho. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and has more than 20 years of experience in woodworking and product design. Mr Ho takes full responsibility in different stages, ranging from product design, selecting material, routing, sanding, polishing to finishing. He dedicates 200% of his time and effort in every single piece of his product and ensure all of them reach the world-class standard.

Strong and Durable

As mentioned, Moka’s material comes from the crew bed of junk rig “Sanfunghou”. Although it has only been used as the crew bed on “Sanfunghou”, the material was still Balau wood which can 100% endure extreme condition, such as high pressure, extreme hot and cold weather and even water. With the further reinforcement and polish conducted by Wood Master Mr Ho, Moka is expected to maintain its top form for at least several decades or more.