Scottish Natural Incense | Still

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Create a Sense of Stillness

  • Create a sense of stillness
  • Note of sweet wood, green leaves and petals
  • 100% hand-rolled in small batches organically
  • Originates in Scotland
  • Natural and aromatic 
  • Help to relax and relieve pressure
  • Best companion for meditation and awakening 
  • Great customer review
Product Information

  • Product Type: Incense
  • Burn time: 50 minutes / stick
  • Contain: 18 sticks / box
  • Production process: handmade 

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Create a Sense of Stillness

This natural Still incense can create a sense of stillness and meditative calm with notes of sweet wood, green leaves and petals. The ritual of burning incense to change the energy of a space has been used for centuries across the world. Allow yourself to take a moment of break to be meditative and mindful.

100% Hand-rolled in Small Batches Organically

The incense is completely hand-rolled in small batches. We use traditional methods from all-natural distilled water, flower petals, flower essence and resins. Then, we dry the incenses in the warm rays of the sun. For slow living and mindfulness, it is often the little things that matter the most. Using traditional production methods that does not harm yourself and the environment is important and we think the MODM incense is the right thing for you.