Although wood is used in the construction of wood prevailingly, human mainly focus on the beauty of the synthetic materials covering the outer layer of the wall and have ignore the importance of the inner layer – wood. The facilities that were used to be constructed by wood, such as children’s amusement facilities, are now replaced with plastic. In a world where wood has not disappeared but has no sense of existence, we often ignore how important it is. But in fact, wood cannot only be used to make furniture or art in modern life, but can also be used in some very significant areas.

Lack of Wood Knowledge

Roland Ennos, a professor at a famous British university, said that comparing to other type of material, like metal, human’s understanding of wood is seriously inadequate. One of the major reasons is that wood will rot, so we ask human don’t really recognize the contribution of wood. Generally, archaeologists or historians divided ancient history into Stone Age and Bronze Age, but they often ignore the contribution of wood. Most of the development of human society and technology are carried out around wood. However, it seems that no one recognise its importance. One very simple example is that, in the Stone Age, although the main tools of mankind were made of stone, human made handles with wood in order to build stronger and more effective stone tools.

Wood in Modern History

With the development of science and technology, it is true that the vital status of wood in humans has gradually declined. In modern society, the main function of wood is for environmental protection and neutralization of carbon dioxide in the air. However, humans keep damaging forests. Compared to 6000 years ago, the total area of ​forests on earth has reduced by 13%. The rate of reduction is quite alarming. These forests not only contain a large amount of precious woods, but the most important thing is that they are the largest biodiversity database on the planet. There are thousands of different precious biological species in them. More importantly, the greater extent of deforestation will further accelerate global warming.

The Mission of Human Kind

In order to reduce the damage to forests protect the environment, we should take the initiative to participate in environmental protection activities, such as use only eco-friendly wood, reducing unnecessary waste and reuse material. At the same time, we can also volunteer to plant tree in our leisure time. In this way, we can protect our environment, as well as our next generation.