Our Kickstarter Journey

We're proud to share our success on Kickstarter, where we've launched 5 remarkable projects: Tawa, Moku Tower, Endless Column, Woodas, and Walli. Selling over 10,000 units globally, these ventures underscore our position as a creative and innovative company.

Innovative Kickstarter Projects

5 unique projects: Tawa, Moku Tower, Endless Column, Woodas, and Walli were successfully launched and each project won considerable support and the 'Project We Love' recognition from Kickstarter, validating our innovative contributions to the platform. Consistently delivering on our promises and surpassing expectations has reinforced our status as a reliable creator.

Our Global Backer Support

We are grateful for the tremendous support we have received from our kickstarter backers, who hail from various corners of the world. Their belief in our vision and commitment has been instrumental in our achievements. The trust they have placed in us serves as a proof to the quality and ingenuity of our projects.

Navigating Path to Success

Despite facing unexpected challenges such as logistical issues and production hurdles on Kickstarter, our meticulous planning and experiential learning helped us adapt and overcome these obstacles. This ensured the successful completion of our projects.

Continuous Improvement

We deeply value our Kickstarter backers' and customers' opinions and suggestions, recognizing their essential role in our ongoing improvement. By attentively incorporating their feedback, we consistently refine our products to not just meet, but surpass expectations.

Mokuomo’s Core Value

Woodas, one of the main projects by Mokuomo, transforms repurposed wood furniture into engaging toys, encapsulating our mission to offer enjoyable products while prioritizing environmental conservation. Successfully promoted via Kickstarter, Woodas has raised awareness about preserving our planet and inspired many to join our cause for future generations.

Persistence in Wooden Handcrafting

At Mokuomo, we passionately promote the art of wooden handcrafting, viewing it as a limitless source of creativity and charm. Our Kickstarter community's support has fueled our passion, helping us manifest our vision. Our commitment to superior craftsmanship ensures each piece beautifully represents the artistry of wood.

Some Kickstarter Reviews


"After designing quality design pieces for years, we see a lot of growth in this designer with now making boardgames. With this second version you can see the quality of the components and design, treats him well."


"Moku Tower describes itself as a 'home décor tabletop game', and that's definitely what this is: a beautiful piece of art to play with. The rocks are handcrafted out of high quality wood with a pleasant look and feel."


"Is it a game? Is it a piece of art? It's both! It's Moku Tower - a party dexterity stacking game, where you can store it outside the game box! The wooden pieces are made from different wood and handcrafted!"

Future Journey of Endless Excitement

Celebrating our Kickstarter successes, we, Mokuomo assure our backers that this is just the start of our creative journey. Driven by commitment to innovation, the success of our campaigns amplifies our passion for creating engaging experiences. Our dedicated team of designers is persistently working to develop more games and products that bring joy to lives, pushing the creative boundaries even further.

Stay Tuned!

We invite everyone, backers, customers, and newcomers, to anticipate the exciting future of Mokuomo. Get ready to venture into new experiences, explore innovative concepts, and delight in our captivating creations. Together, we'll enjoy the thrill of discovery and the joy our products provide.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all backers for your unwavering support throughout our Kickstarter journey. Your belief in our vision and dedication to our projects have been invaluable. For those who have yet to be a part of Mokuomo community, we warmly welcome you to join us on our journey.