Piri Piri Summoners

Handcrafted Wooden Meeple Strategy Game

Craft • Wood • Nature

Carved Wooden Sculpture

“Wood whispers the truth of nature in every grain, grounding us in a world ever drifting.”

~ K.C. Maeda ~

Carved Sculpture Collection

The Carved Sculpture Collection suits well in any setting. As it is 100% handcrafted, every single one of them has its own uniqueness. Simply looking at them, you will immediately feel a sense of relief and happiness.

From The People
From The People
I just want to let you know that I received the package and this product looks so good! I am very happy with it, thanks!
— Valentina Olvera Lara
From The People
Cosy and enjoyable product! Visit mokuomo during the christmas season and pick up a brand-new Moku Tower. It was a total blast, and we had a lot of laugh with it. I'd recommend it to everyone who loves fun and eco - friendly materials and product:)
— Lawrence Chiu
From The People
I bought this for myself as a little present and I could not be more thrilled. The craftmanship is fantastic and I love my little fox.
— Heather
From The People
This product is perfect for family time. A great choice for families seeking educational and engaging playtime! Also, it is a pretty decoration for our home!
— Kenneth
From The People
An wonderful hourglass and impressive quality. Definitely worth buying and collecting.
— vicky1997
From The People
The sofa, coffee table and cabinet in my house are all made of the same rubber wood as this original wooden clock. The wood grain is the same, and when paired together, they create a very harmonious and warm atmosphere throughout the entire house. Love it!
— April Ma
From The People
Quality is just amazing! It looks even better in real life than the pictures. Very helpful seller!
— betsylai

Our Kickstarter Success

We're proud to share our success on Kickstarter, where we've launched 5 remarkable game and toy projects so far: Tawa, Moku Tower, Endless Column, Woodas, and Walli. Selling over 10,000 units globally, these ventures underscore our position as a creative and innovative company.


Mokuomo celebrates the beauty and simplicity of nature through its crafted wooden toys and games. Mokuomo aims to connect people to the earth and to each other, crafting items that are not only playful but also deeply rooted in quality and artistic expression.

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