Rubber Wood Artisan Clock

HK$498.00 $538.00
By Mokuomo

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Living In The Moment

  • Crafted with natural rubber & walnut wood
  • For life at a slower pace
  • High quality wood material
  • Focus on the small details 
  • Artistic and elegant
  • Minimalism design concept
Product Information
  • Type: Slow living home décor 
  • Material: Rubber wood and walnut wood
  • Dimension: 30 cm diameter
  • Production process: Crafted
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Crafted with Natural Rubber & Walnut Wood

Crafted by our experienced wood master, no artificial colors or other chemicals are added so as to preserve and highlight the natural details of the logs. Regarding the material, the whole clock face is crafted with rubber wood. Rubber wood is super durable and has tremendous strength and hardness. It has a creamy white color giving people a sense of simplicity. For the hour and minute hand, they are crafted with natural walnut wood. With the classy grain and color of walnut wood, it has added an extra sense of elegancy to the whole design.

For Life at A Slower Pace

If you want something to help you to relax and slow down a bit while you are dinning after a long busy day, wooden tableware might be the thing for you. Scientific research has pointed out that wood can effectively enhance the health and wellbeing of both a human’s body and mind.

Improve on Emotional State of People

Wood can positively help on the emotional state of people. It also has significant evidence indicating that with contact with any type of wood material, it can cause a drop in blood pressure and pulse. We love wood as a material so much as it helps us to relax and practice slow living.