Moku Tower

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Home Décor Tabletop Game

  • Combination of art and game
  • A game that challenge your friendship
  • Crafted with 100% natural wood
  • 8 different types of wood, including: pine, sapele, ash, maple, walnut, birch, camphor and rosewood
  • Kickstarter staff-pick tabletop game
  • Japanese minimalist design
  • Design with quality
Product Information

  • Type: Tabletop game
  • Includes: 5 standard Woodas rocks, 5 mini Woodas rocks, 1 walnut wood base, 1 stack of playing card, 1 hourglass, 1 cloth storage bag, 1 game rule book
  • Suitable for: Age 7 and above
  • Player number: 2-6 players
  • Duration per game: 20-30 minutes
  • Box dimension: 22.8 x 20.8 x 10 cm

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Experience the Power of Creativity with Mokuomo: Where Simplicity, Quality, and Innovative Design Unleash Your Imagination.

Combination of Art and Game

The art of stacking rocks originated in Japan. The most attractive part of stacking rocks is that people need to take the challenge to balance different rocks with irregular shapes and stack them into towers. Moku Tower transforms this Japanese stacking rock culture into a fun party game. We replace rocks with artistic wood pieces. Moku Tower is not only a great party game, but also an amazing home decoration that can impress your friends. When you are not playing, you can simply display Moku Tower as an art piece. Each piece of wood has its own unique cutting and angle, making Moku Tower one of your most exquisite and unique home decoration.

A Game That Challenges Your Friendship

Moku Tower is a great party and icebreaking game. It has a very fast paced gameplay and players have to combine different strategies to attack and defend. The special function cards in Moku Tower allow players to attack their opponents throughout the game. Therefore, our team describes Moku Tower as a party game that challenges friendship!

Crafted with 100% Natural Wood

The wood piece of Moku Tower can be divided into 2 size: the standard size and the mini size. They are made of 8 different types of wood, including: pine, sapele, ash, maple, walnut, birch, camphor and rosewood. Since all the wood piece are crafted by natural wood, the shapes, grain and even color of each piece has slight differences. Each and every one of them is unique and special.

Kickstarter Staff-Pick Tabletop Game

Moku Tower was successfully funded on Kickstarter and has impressively received more than 1212% funding. Moku Tower has also become one of the most popular tabletop project on Kickstarter during the time of funding. It has also been selected as a “project we love” by Kickstarter staffs. The unprecedented concept of Moku Tower combines both home décor and tabletop game together, which is definitely the first mover in the tabletop game world.

What’s Included in Moku Tower ?

A full set of Moku Tower includes:
• 5 standard Woodas rocks
• 5 mini Woodas rocks
• 1 walnut wood base
• 1 stack of playing card
• 1 hourglass
• 1 cloth storage bag
• 1 game rule book

Moku Tower

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