Kento specialized in Japanese-styled and minimalist homeware and accessories. Although he is still very young, he already has more than 10 years of woodworking design experience as he has devoted himself into woodworking since he was 12. Kento’s design philosophy is based on practicability and simplicity. When you look closely into his collections, you will discover that Kento’s design does not contain a single piece of unnecessary details.

How Kento Start?

Kento was born and raised in Japan. Until the age of 12, he has moved to the United States for his study. After he has arrived in the States, Kento has started to get in touch with woodworking as the host of his homestay family was a great enthusiast in this area. Starting from there, Kento has begun to fall in love with woodworking, especially in making wooden homeware and accessories. After he finished his study, instead of looking for a high-paying job in the States, he has decided to go back to Japan and devoted his entire time and effort in making inspiring woodworking homeware. “Do something you like, so you can like the thing you do!” Kento said.

Design Philosophy of Kento

The origin of Kento’s design philosophy comes from Zen. Zen is an important element of traditional Japanese culture that has already been stretching for thousands of years in history.

The Zen Concept

Zen design philosophy embraces the key concept of simplicity and minimalism. It places much emphasis on eliminating unnecessary details in the design and try to offer a clean and comfortable feeling to people. Kento’s design has closely followed the Zen design concept. He focuses so much on simplicity as well as practicability. “A clean design offers you the peace of mind.” Kento said.

The Pattern of Space and Light

Although there are so many Zen concept designer in the market, Kento’s design is special. He embeds the pattern of space and light, as well as the rejection of clutter. He aims to create different relaxing, elegant, contemplative, yet visually attractive homewares. But people may ask, why Kento only focus on homeware? “I understand home is the place where people gonna feel the most relaxed in. So as they wish, I just want them to feel relaxed and balanced when they go back.” He answered.

Kento’s Favourite Hobby

One of Kento’s favourite hobby is meditating. From the minimalist design of his collections, it is not difficult to tell that Kento is very interested in meditating. He has started meditating when he was very young because of the influence of his father. On every Sunday, Kento will mediate with his Zen master for the whole afternoon. “You can simply clear your soul and you will have a more peaceful mind after your meditation. But of course, you need to do it in the right way and keep on practicing.” Kento said.