Hankyu is a pair of passionate woodworker duo based in Hong Kong. They have a strong interest in carpentry and hope to showcase their woodworking masterpiece to everyone. At the same time, they also hope more people in Hong Kong will be able to get in touch with woodworking and hence making woodworking more popular. The woodworking masterpiece of Hankyu focuses on details and practicality, hoping to bring out the real but not flashy side of woodworking.

How They Start

“If you truly love something, your passion will never go away!”

This woodworking duo was initially engaged in engineering-related occupations. Because of their job, there are many opportunities for them to get in touch with woodworking. “Extricate yourself! And immerse yourself into something you truly love.” Hankyu laughed. Six years ago, they have started to study, research and innovate some interesting woodworking products. From there, their interest in woodworking has increased dramatically from time to time.

Their Unique Design Concepts

“Speaking of design concepts, we actually don’t have any special design concepts. We just want to make a product that makes ourselves and everyone happy and satisfied.” Hankyu said. The products of Hankyu are very practical. They like to refer to different advantages of various products, and then integrate them into one single perfect product that combines all the advantages.

“Each design has its advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is that we try our best to integrate the advantages of all products, take their strengths and discard their shortcomings.” Hankyu said.

Source of Inspiration

Hankyu’s inspiration mainly come from travelling. “Every time when we travel to a place, we will definitely visit their local artworks and handicrafts. We will pay much attention on their local culture and how they do creation. By doing this, we can always gain different inspiration to create new products.” But for many reasons, recently the opportunity to travel is limited. In view of this, instead they refer to different artworks online through social media and websites from their favourite artists.

Serious on The Process

“We enjoy the process of making wood. Every cut counts. Every cut must be made accurately.” they said. In the process of making wood, you will inevitably encounter different problems, but you only need to use your brains and think from a different perspective. The problems can often be solved easily. This is the interesting part of the process of making wood.

Also Serious on the End Product

Of course, in addition to the process, they also focus on the finished product. “When you see everyone admire the woodwork you have made, the hard work is repaid.” Hankyu explained slowly.

Hankyu also provide a working space, Faculty of Craft, for handcraft lovers to work with and share their ideas with others.