Waiting in line and robot-like answering maybe our general stereotype of banks. If not necessary, we do not want to waste an hour of waiting time at the bank. Taipei Fubon Bank North Tainan branch renovated the space against the traditional, with wooden decoration and different cultural activities, turning the bank branch into a place with warmth and vitality to the community.

Taipei Fubon Bank North Tainan branch decoration (Source from Plan b)

“20% Space Reconstruction”-make people forget that they are in the bank

Plan b, a sustainable development consulting company, and Taipei Fubon Bank have joined to transform the space of the branch, using the “20% space transformation” rule to make people forget that they are in the bank. Instead, they are building a place where everyone is willing to stay. One of the methods is to convert 20% of the space in the branch into leisure venues, just like bookstores and coffee shops. When people stay in these spaces, they will get into the leisure atmosphere, and they will forget about the stereotype of the bank. When people are waiting for the services, they will not browse their phones. Instead, they will enjoy tea provided, watch exhibitions, or other activities provided by Taipei Fubon Bank. It will be an exceptional experience for all comers.

Transformable wooden decoration (Source from Plan b)

Bank wooden decoration and spaces (Photos from: Plan b)

Leisure and Warmth Wood Decoration and Spaces

The overall design space of Taipei Fubon Bank North Tainan branch is mainly in wood tones, which are relatively rare for bank decoration. Plan b uses different wooden furnishings, bookcases and door arches to create a relaxing and warm space. The wooden design and lighting make people feel like they are being at home. Specially designed furniture and sliding doors also make the space more flexible and transformable, which can be changed according to the needs of different events and meetings.

In the wooden atmosphere, people can choose different activities during their waiting time. There are “5 minutes”, “15 minutes” and “30 minutes” activities to choose from. Enjoying a good moment on the wooden sofa, reading a few pages of books and magazines, or learning about Tainan’s unique culture by following the audio guide will be a great example of the activities. The purpose of all these activities is to let you forget that you are in the bank, and enjoy the comfortable space while waiting.

Example of cultural activities (Photos from: Plan b)

Sustainable Development Plan

Both Taipei Fubon Bank and Plan b hope to revitalize and renovate the space to make every part of the bank branch valuable. Not only the bank can make use of the spaces, but also provide a positive impact on the public, allowing people to share spaces with the bank and strengthen the connection between both parties. Taipei Fubon Bank has also launched “Fu+ Co-learning Courses” in the North Tainan branch, Banqiao branch, etc. People can apply for related courses in branches, covering financial management, taxation, psychology, communication, sports, parent-child handicraft and other fields.

In the Taipei Fubon Bank North Tainan branch, the wooden design brings warmth and cozy, the personalized arrangement brings convenience, and different cultural activities bring the connection between people. The combination of these elements has brought Taipei Fubon Bank North Tainan branch, a unique bank that makes people want to stay and enjoy the moment in it.