Demian is a woodworker and designer from Hong Kong, pursuing his dream in humane woodwork, installation and sculpture. All beautiful things that come out from his daily life and the nature are his inspirations. Through learning and art making, he strives to contribute to his homeland – Hong Kong.

A Bit of Background

Demian was born and raised in Hong Kong. He loves drawing, sketching and woodworking when he was a boy. Personally, for Demian, woodworking is not just a hobby or an interest, it is something that can inspire people and help everyone to find the true meaning of living.

Demian's Hobbies

Apart from woodworking and design, he also loves reading, especially books about historical architecture. Demian mentioned, all these books have offered him answers on why he should create a certain piece of art.

The Passion

Demain was major in creative art in university. Every time when he was woodworking, it seems that he has entered into a different universe. He cannot feel the neither tiredness nor the passage of time.

Love Sculpture

Demain said “Comparing to normal woodwork, he loves sculpture more. Because he can focus a lot more on the details and every single cut represent temperature. It is the temperature that can heal. It is the temperature that can inspire.

Remarkable Talent and Unique Perspective

With a passion for humane woodwork, installation, and sculpture, Demian draws inspiration from the beauty of everyday life and the natural world around him. Through his learning and art making, he is dedicated to making a positive contribution to his homeland of Hong Kong. From exquisite furniture pieces to stunning sculptures, Demian's creations are a testament to his remarkable talent and unique perspective.