Seikumi Wooden Rice Spatula

By Mokuomo

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Crafted with Natural Teak Wood

  • Artistry of Wood
  • Enhance Culinary Experience
  • Master the Art of Rice
  • Simple and Durable
Product Information

  • Type: Kitchen & tableware
  • Wood Type: Teak wood
  • Production process: Crafted
  • Size: 18(H)x8(W) cm

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Master the Art of Rice

Seikumi is a handy tool that brings precision and finesse to your rice cooking. Its wide, flat surface and gentle curves effortlessly glide through cooked rice, ensuring even mixing and fluffing. Crafted from smooth, natural wood, it prevents unwanted sticking and elevate your rice dishes to perfection with this essential utensil for rice enthusiasts.

Enhance Culinary Experience

Seikumi enhances your culinary experience by preserving the delicate texture and flavors of cooked rice. Its ergonomic design ensures effortless handling and the natural teak wood material adds elegance and authenticity to the cooking process. With its durability and functionality, Seikumi is a reliable companion that elevates the whole cooking experience.

Reviews from Customers

Kelvin Goh - Facebook

The design is very unique and Love the wood smell really like it so much and the seller is very kind to response my every single Messages . Really good seller .

Valentina Olvera Lara - Kickstarter

I just want to let you know that I received the package and this product looks so good! I am very happy with it, thanks!

Nancy Thompson - Kickstarter

We liked our Woodas so much that we wanted others to enjoy them too. So we put them in our vacation home. It didn’t take long before they were stolen. Guess others appreciated them too!

Lawrence Chiu - Google

Cosy and enjoyable product! Visit mokuomo during the christmas season and pick up a brand-new moku towel. It was a total blast, and we had a lot of laugh with it. I'd recommend it to everyone who loves fun and eco - friendly materials and product:)

Debbie Cheng - Pinkoi

The texture of this wooden mini version is very good, and the color is also very beautiful, just a simple placement is already very nice 💙

Victoria Ko - Google

Very cool home decoration. And interesting playing toy. Amazing wood grain and aroma as well. Love it !