In addition to the fast pace of life, modern people have to face various life pressures: including career, interpersonal relationships, family etc. These are all life pressures that urbanites will face, and it could affect our mental health. In view of this, many people have begun to advocate the “slow living” concept in recent years by placing wooden decorations and furniture at home, creating a comfortable environment to slow down the pace of life and enjoy every minute and second of the moment. And of course, to achieve the benefits of stress relief.

What is "slow living"?

Slow living is a mindset. It emphasizes doing everything with balance and in the right pace. It focuses on doing the right thing at the right time and at the right speed. Slow living means slowing down, doing less but doing things better. We need to understand when to work and when to rest; when to start and when to stop; when to relax, and when to meditate. Slow work focuses on the simple life, and placing wooden products such as decorations and furniture at home is one of the ways to relieve stress and regain the vitality of life. The natural material and beautiful and noble appearance of wood make the home full of tranquility and harmony. Wood is a gift from nature; it is the best home material to bring peace and stress relief to people.

Wosan Hourglass

Nature's Gift: Home Woodwork and Slow Living

If you love nature, wood decorations and wood furniture must be a must for your home as wood is so raw and natural. In addition to its various colours, the texture of the wood itself is also stunning. Even furniture of the same wood may not be the same, so each wood product is unique. Placing them at home is like integrating nature into your home. Allowing us to experience the process of simple life, stress relieving and find a balance between life and work. Let us all enjoy the joy of slow life in this fast-paced urban life.

If you want to know more about wood furniture and wood decoration, you can have a look at Mokuomo’s collection to see if you can find something you like. We believe that every design comes from a story. We aim to bring different designs with the slow living concept together.

One of our best-selling wooden products is Bu. It is a vintage tungsten lamp. It can be used for illumination and at the same time it can add an extra sense of tranquility and peacefulness to your room. Scroll down to learn more!