When you have studied slow living or zen long enough, you may notice that there is a magical relationship between wood and slow living. Whenever you look at a zen image or video, you can easily find out there are always wood material somewhere around. This is because wood can be perceived as the most natural material. It can help us to relax, and at the same time bring us back to nature. When we are practicing slow living, being calm and mindful is so important. Hence, in this blog, we will explain how wood can bring us calm. Also, we will look at why wood is such a great material to be used in slow living.

The energy from the trees

Have you ever stood under a gigantic tree and felt so calm and relaxed? Yes, you are not alone. We often say that giant old trees are full of wisdom as they have gone through a long and slow growing process. We perceive them as a source of strength and energy. Because of this, every time when you feel stressed or annoyed, try to get contact with any wood, no matter it is a wooden furniture or a small piece of wooden toy. This can help you to feel calm and harmonious right away.

photo source: live japan

Perfect for slow living with scientific proven​

“Wood has psychological effects on people and a similar stress-reducing effect to nature,” says Marjut Wallenius, a Docent and Doctor of Psychology at the University of Tampere. Research has pointed out that wood can effectively enhance the health and well being of both a human’s body and mind. This is exactly the prime purpose for slow living.

There was a study conducted in Austria, Canada, Japan and Norway about the effect on wood. It showed that wood tends to positively help on the emotional state of people. It has significant evidence indicating that with contact with any type of wood material, it can cause a drop in blood pressure and pulse. In other words, wood can bring really good calming effect to people. This is another reason why wood is always used to build so many things associated with slow living or meditation.

photo source: kungyodoPhoto source: kungyodo

All in all, wood has an inseparable relationship with slow living and calmness. We as slowing living enthusiasts at the same time love wood as a material. This is not only because of the great texture, grains or aroma of wood, but also the psychological benefits that it brings to us.

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