Since Teak wood is strong, durable, water-resistant and has a high density, it is widely used in shipbuilding in the old times. During the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor commanded Zheng He to lead the enormous ship fleet to explore to more than 30 countries around the Indian Ocean. All the ships in that fleet were made of teak wood which helps the ship to withstand sea water erosion and extreme sun exposure. Apart from that, it has been found out that teak wood is also used on the deck of Titanic. Even though Titanic was sunk for more than a hundred years, scientists have found out that the teak deck is still remarkably intact and visible.

Meaning To Career

Teak wood symbolizes power and status, implying steady and advanced career development. Since ancient times, teak wood has been one of the strongest, most elegant and durable woods. However, because of its slow growth rate, it is very rare which makes teak wood very precious. This is also the reason why teak wood products can only be afforded by people with power and status in ancient times.

Characteristics Of Teak Wood

Teak wood grows really slowly. It usually takes at least 50 years to grow from a young sapling into a mature tree. Because of the long growth period, teak wood has become a type of very precious wood. Teak is durable, tough and extremely water resistant. It is also not easy to deform, corrode and crack even in extreme condition. Therefore, teak wood is particularly suitable for making cooking utensils. In terms of the appearance, it has tight and unique grains. Teak wood also releases natural oil which makes its surface naturally shiny.

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