There are quite a lot of love tales that are related to rosewood. One of the very famous story was from “Rusian Mountain” in China. Once upon a time, during summer time, there was a heavy flood in Rusian Mountain submerging almost everything.

When the flood drowned the whole village, a young couple named Agui and Eniang were dating in a stone cave just under the mountain. At that time, when they noticed that the flood was about to submerge the whole stone cave, Agui and Eniang caught a big trunk of rosewood and let the trunk drift through the flood. Because of that trunk of rosewood, Agui and Eniang became the only survivors. After the disaster, they treasure and love each other even more. A year later, Agui and Eniang got married with the witness of that rosewood and had a very happy life afterwards.

Meaning To Love

Because of the romantic name, color and aroma of rosewood, it symbolizes romantic love and sincere blessings. In ancient times, there were so many love stories and myths related to rosewood. Therefore, from the past till now, rosewood has always been recognized as a symbol of love and romance.

Characteristics Of Rosewood

The origins of rosewood are mainly in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. The wood grain is clear and staggered. Rosewood has the classic color of light brown or light red. It is famous of its durability and corrosion-resistance ability. Rosewood has a spicy wooden aroma and is naturally mellow. Its aroma can also stabilize the central nervous system, which can effectively help to ease depression and fatigue and making you to feel more refreshing. Therefore, it is always considered as one of best and the most expensive wood for making furniture.

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