Camphor wood has a long history. It was discovered at the age of the Cretaceous period. Thousands of years ago, the medicinal value of camphor wood has already been discovered. It was used to treat many different diseases, such as confidant pain, indigestion and etc. Apart from that, in ancient China, the camphor tree was being called the “Camphor Lady”. Parents traditionally prayed in front of the “Camphor Lady” for their children’s health and happiness.

Meaning To Health

Because camphor tree has the special ability of quick recovery, camphor wood symbolizes vitality, health and peace. Also at the same time, it represents the prevention and resistance of disease. In the Japanese culture, these metaphors are often seen. For example, in the well-known Japanese movie “My Neighbor Totoro”, the protagonist Totoro lives in a lush camphor tree. With the shelter and support of the camphor tree and Totoro, the two little girls tried to help their mother to recover from heavy illness.

Characteristics Of Camphor Wood

One of the easiest ways to identify camphor wood is by its scent, which is fragrant with a very special and strong aroma. Camphor wood is mainly originated in Taiwan, south eastern China, Vietnam, Japan and Australia. Camphor wood has very clear texture and grains. The wood is hard and durable, and is not easy to crack. The special aroma of camphor wood can not only refresh your mind, but can also achieve the effects of preventing insects, deodorizing, and purifying air.

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