Pine wood is now widely used in furniture. The Nordics are among the first group of people to widely use pine wood in their daily life. The Nordics expressed great creativity on shaping pine woods into different kinds of furniture, adding a lot of vitality to their home. In this modern era, many carpenters have transformed the Nordic wisdom into their creativity inspiration. They have integrated the classic Nordic wisdom into modern art.

Meaning To Love

Pine trees can withstand a variety of extreme environments. They are not afraid of hot summer or cold winter. They have tenacious vitality and a strong will of not giving up. Therefore, pine wood represents a special meaning to love. It implies eternal and unswerving love, symbolizing pure and everlasting relationship, which can endure different challenges.

Meaning To Health

In the eyes of the ancient American Indians, pine wood symbolizes longevity and health. While in the eyes of the Europeans, pine wood symbolizes birth and life. Both meanings are actually similar and all because of that pine tree is a long-green tree species and is brightly dazzling all year long. Also, pine tree has a very long lifespan as well. On average, it can reach more than 1200 years old. The oldest surviving pine tree on earth is with an age of 2,000 years old which is located on Mount Tai. Due to all these reasons, from the past till now, pine tree has long been a symbol of peace, health and longevity in different cultures.

Meaning To Career

Pine tree can endure extreme environments. It has tenacious vitality and a strong will of not giving up. These qualities are indispensable for those who want to fight for their careers. Therefore, in the career level, pine wood represents the strong will of never giving up, and symbolizes the unshakable determination.

Characteristics Of Pine Wood

Pine wood originates from all around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia. Different pine species have different colors and patterns. In general, they possess light yellow or light orange color with thick light brown grains. Pine is a coniferous plant that is very sensitive to atmospheric temperature and will swell easily. One of the key characteristics of pine is its attractive aroma. This natural scent can embellish every corner of your home and give people a refreshing feeling. In addition to its impressive aroma, pine wood can also absorb toxic and harmful substances in the air and effectively solve the problem of indoor air pollution.

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