Once upon a time, there was a patriarch who became immortal in a place called “Lao Ye Ding”. On the second day of the second lunar month of the year, an old woman became homeless as she was kicked out from her own house by her daughter-in-law. She walked to the place “Lao Ye Ding” and saw the patriarch using a cedar wood stick to instruct a tiger to grind soybeans. The old woman was shocked and turned around trying to run away.

However, the patriarch stopped her and said, “Now you come and you will be safe. I have nothing to give you. I will just take you home!” As soon as he finished speaking, the old woman fainted after the patriarch flicked his cedar wood stick. The old women woke up and found out that she has returned home, with the cedar wood stick on her table. After all these things happened, her daughter-in-law has changed from a venomous heart to a kind-hearted and treated the old women very well. Since then, cedar wood has been a symbol of helping people to cleanse their mind, restoring spiritual health and maintaining a kind-heart.

Meaning To Health

Cedar wood symbolizes spiritual health. It has been used to build temples for thousands of years. One very famous example are the temples in Jerusalem in the time of King Solomon. They were all built with cedar wood and was considered to be holy and spiritual. Also, people like to light cedar wood in religious ceremonies in order to purify and calm minds. Apart from symbolizing spiritual health, cedar wood also symbolizes physical health. The aroma of cedar wood has very high medicinal value. Simply lighting up the cedar wood can have enormous health effects, such as anti-inflammatory, sterilization, and relieving stress.

Characteristics Of Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is known as the “Tree of Life”. It is considered as one of the three sacred trees in the world. Cedar wood is delicate, smooth, hard and durable. It possesses tight wood grain with good wood stability. Apart from that, cedar wood has a light but refreshing aroma, and is often used as ingredient to make essential oils and candles. Essential oils made of cedar wood can effectively regulate nerves system and relieve stress.

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