Because of its impressive color and grains, cherry wood has been one of the most popular wood types for long. Its color and grains give people a feeling of romance and love. In many Japanese wedding banquets, because of the unique meaning of cherry wood, it is not difficult to find its trace. Cherry wood can be perceived as one of the most important representatives of love and marriage in Japan.

Meaning To Love

In Japan, cherry wood represents purity and abundance of love, as well as lifetime commitment. Because of this, cherry wood is so prevalent in Japanese weddings. Cherry wood represents commitment because the roots of cherry trees are deep and long, symbolizing deep-rooted love. At the same time, cherry wood represents pure and fruitful love because its colorful leaves breed abundant of sweet fruits. From the past till now, in the eyes of many people, especially in the Japanese culture, cherry wood is always a symbol of love, and it is the one of the most romantic type of wood.

Characteristics Of Cherry Wood

Cherry wood has a delicate structure and is lustrous brown or light red in color. It is perceived as a relatively expensive type of wood. Cherry wood is mainly from North America. The wood grain of cherry wood is mainly straight, but due to different climate and different external factors, its grain might contain some unique pattern of ripples. These kinds of pattern are so unique that many people fall in love with it. Another special feature of cherry wood is that it will change color over time. The degree of discoloration is directly related to the degree of ventilation and sunlight of the surroundings.

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