Since ancient times, sapele wood has already been very popular among Africans. Apart from its spiritual metaphor, it is also because sapele wood has very strong wind resistance ability. The wood is also solid, strong, durable, and very resistant to termites. It is considered as one of the best materials for building wood infrastructure. In addition to this, musical instruments made of sapele wood are also of high quality and with very strong sound penetration, which are widely favored in the music industry.

Meaning To Health

In Africa, sapele wood has a sacred symbol, symbolizing spiritual healing and spiritual health, and is hailed as a type of sacred wood by the locals. Then, sapele wood was spread to Europe, America and Asia. Because of the influence of the traditional African culture, many people started to believe that sapele wood can help us to stay calm and focused, and it is also a panacea for mental and spiritual health. In view of this, people perceive sapele wood as an excellent material for making meditation tools, which can effectively help people to cleanse their mind.

Characteristics Of Sapele Wood

Sapele wood is mainly distributed in the tropical regions of Africa. Sapele wood has a delicate wood texture and a very smooth surface with impressive tropical aroma. It has a charming reddish-brown nostalgic color. The pattern of sapele wood is interlaced and wavy. Moreover, under sunlight, sapele wood will reveal a bright luster, which highlights its fine and dense wood grain.

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