In autumn, maple tree is full of red leaves and it gives people a romantic feeling, just like you are falling in love. Not surprisingly, there was a tale behind this. Once upon a time, the maple tree saved the mother of earth and helped her to get rid of the pursuit of the devil. In return, the mother of earth decided to give the maple tree eternal gifts: the sweet maple syrup, the undamageable maple wood and the romantic red maple leaves.

Meaning To Love

Maple wood symbolizes romantic love. The red color of maple leaves gives people a feeling of happiness and joy. Because of this, the maple tree has thousands of myths, tales and stories that are related to romance and love. It represents the eternity and sincerity of the everlasting commitment.

Meaning To Health

In North America, maple has been being a symbol of devotion and blessing since ancient times. The maple syrup of the maple tree was one of the important food sources of the ancient American Indians. Therefore, the American Indians truly believe that maple tree represents a kind of blessing from gods, and they are truly grateful for the dedication from the maple tree to bring them endless source of food in order to prevent them from illness and hunger. Because of this, from the past till now, maple tree always represents happiness, blessing and health.

Characteristics Of Maple Wood

There are more than 150 varieties of maple wood in the world. They have different origins. They come from many different countries in north America, Europe, northern Africa, eastern and central Asia, such as Canada and Japan. Maple wood possesses a milky white color but sometimes with a reddish-brown color. Depending on the place of origin, they have different grains and patterns, such as straight and wavy. Maple wood is also very durable and hard, but at the same time relatively light in weight. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best materials for building houses and infrastructures.

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