Birch tree is a very old species. It is one of the oldest tree species on planet Earth. Because birch wood is heavy and hard, since ancient times people has been using birch wood to make baskets, shoes, furniture, and even art pieces. Also, because birch wood has a unique meaning of hope and overcoming obstacles, the ancient American Indians used birch wood to make cribs, wishing the little baby to overcome all the difficulties, and to have a healthy and fruitful life.

Meaning To Career

Birch wood symbolizes hope and revival, as birch tree is always the first to grow back leaves at the time when spring comes. For the traditional American Indians, at the time when leaves start to grow back on a birch tree. They know that it is the sign showing winter is about to pass, and spring is approaching. Therefore, birch wood reminds us that even though we face many different obstacles when we are fighting for our career, we just need to stay focused and grind it out. Eventually winter will pass and success is just around the corner.

Characteristics of Birch Wood

There are many different types of birch wood. They mainly grow in the northern hemisphere, such as North America, Northern Japan and Northern China. Birch wood has light white to light yellowish-brown color. The wood grains are relatively light in color, but it is heavy in weight and hard in texture. Although the wood grain is relative light in color, it is still very popular in many different countries, especially in Japan. It is also considered as one of the most precious wood species in the world.

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