Since the 14th century, the elegance of walnut wood receives wide attention among the public, it is also known as one of the three famous woods. In addition to being widely used to make furniture, it is often used as material in musical instruments and vehicles. The rich and dense color makes it ideal to use with light-colored woods. Furthermore, walnut is a sensuous wood with beautiful smooth texture and grain. Its texture is as smooth as a baby’s skin, which is the reason why walnut wood has become everyone’s favorite wood type.

Meaning To Love

Walnut wood gives people a romantic feeling of love. At the same time, it also symbolizes nobility and elegance. With the amazing dark color and special aroma, it exudes intoxicating charm and has become one of the most unique and all-time favorite wood for many people.

Meaning To Career

Walnut wood is so popular in the continent of America. Starting from the ancient times till now, the American Indians believe that walnut wood represents wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. When it comes to building your career or starting your own business, these 3 elements are all inevitable. Looking at the wood grains and color of walnut wood, you can feel that it has endless wisdom buried inside for you to explore.

Characteristics Of Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is mainly from North America, Europe and Asia. It usually has light to dark chocolate brown color, and occasionally with purplish cast or darker streaks. Also, the smooth surface shows an elegant large parabolic pattern. Walnut wood is harder, stronger, and more durable compared to any other types of wood as walnut trees generally grow in locations with relatively cold weather.

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