Many carpenters in Hong Kong also hold some woodworking classes now. People who are interested in woodworking DIY can try to create their own wood products. There are some very good carpenters and designers in Hong Kong. In this article, we will introduce a few of them who provides woodworking courses. We hope that more and more people can participate in supporting the Hong Kong woodworking industry.

1. Faculty of Craft


Faculty of Craft is located in Kwun Tong. In addition to woodworking courses, there are also leather products courses. It is the best place for those who love handicrafts. In addition to the courses guided by the instructor, people who are interested in their own DIY can also rent machines and venues in Faculty of Craft. It is a good place to exchange woodworking experiences with each other.


Address: 11R, Phase I, Kwun Tong Industrial Center, Kowloon, Hong Kong

We, Mokuomo has also collaborated with the Faculty of Craft to host different types of woodworking courses. Some of the courses are unprecedented in Hong Kong. We have a great variety of courses from beginner level to advanced level, such as Wooden Chopstick, Kumiko Wall Art, Kumiko Lamp, Wooden Tungsten Lamp, Wooden Coffee Table etc.

Kumiko Lamp photo source: Lewis Woodshop

Wooden Tungsten Lamp

Kumiko Lamp


Kumiko Wall Art


Wooden Chopstick


Wooden Coffee Table


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2. Wood Carver Workshop

The Wood Carver workshop was established in 2015. It mainly teaches woodcarving, especially carving utensils or figures. The wood carving technique is precious because most of the work is done by hand only, but not by machine. Although the works may not be perfectly shaped, they have their warmth and character. Students can present the patterns and shapes in their minds through carving, and create a unique and only work.


Address: Room 35, 1/F., Nathan Road 240-255, National court, Hong Kong

3. LLL Workshop

LLL Workshop provides many introductory woodworking courses. It is one of the wood workshops in Hong Kong for woodworking amateurs. Students can learn to make products like wood photo frames, phone holders, etc. The course is not too demanding for beginners. Any beginner can make their own works without hard effort. In addition, students can add their names and other designs to their works, which makes their works more personal. They can also tailor-make the product for their friends and lovers.


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4. Make Centre

Make Centre is located in the factory building in San Po Kong. It has a variety of woodworking courses such as table lamps, telephone holders, etc. All the courses take a relatively short time to finish and relatively easy. The instructor will handle the cutting and other dangerous processes in advance. Generally, students only need to polish, drill, and assemble to complete the work. In addition, the woodworking classes of Make Centre will also provide one-to-one teaching, so that the instructor can understand the needs of the students and provide support and guidance. It will be an excellent woodworking DIY experience in Hong Kong.


Address: 4B, Ka Wing Industrial Building, 19-21 g Fong St, San Po Kong


5. Saturn Wood Workshop

Saturn Wood Workshop was founded by two female artists. It is a rare combination in the woodworking industry. But do not think that female cannot be a good carpenter. On the contrary, the two founders of Saturn Wood Workshop bring out different styles and ideas of wooden products. The students can experience something different from ordinary classes and have a chance to appreciate wooden products from different perspectives.


Address: Wah Tat Industrial Centre Block C, Unit 04, 19/F, 8-10 Wah Sing St, Kwai Chung

If you are interested in participating in woodworking classes in Hong Kong, you can study the opening hours of several wooden workshops recommended. In fact, there are many talented carpenters and designers in Hong Kong waiting for us to know and appreciate. We hope everyone will slow down and experience the beauty brought by wood art.

But if you think you are still not ready to make your own wood art, you can visit Mokuomo’s collection to see if you can get something you like. Feel free to check out the products below! Mokuomo believes that every design comes from a story. By exploring different wood arts around the world, we aim to bring different designs together. We believe that innovation is one’s design inspiring the others.