It is believed that many travelers will choose to stay in Airbnb when they travel to foreign countries. Apart from the fact that the prices are generally cheaper than hotels, travelers can also have a unique experience with the local culture, community, and even residents. In the small town of Yoshino-gun, a beautiful wooden hostel is built by Airbnb and local designers. For those who like wood and wooden houses, you must stay a night or two in this wooden hostel to enjoy the smell of cedarwood.

Yoshino Cedar House (Source from Airbnb)

Hometown of Yoshino Cedar House

Yoshino Cedar House is located in Yoshino Town, Nara-ken, a remote area in Japan. Except for the cherry blossom season, it is generally quiet and deserted, and it is a place that feels like a rural town. In addition to be a spot for viewing cherry blossoms, Yoshino is also well-known for its local cedarwood. Since ancient times, the cedar wood produced in Yoshino Town has been regarded as the finest building material. Many temples and castles are also built with cedarwood. The reason is that the cedarwood is hard and the wood grains are well-organized, which carry a little bit of red colour and delicate fragrance. The wood used to build the Yoshino Cedar House is taken from the woods nearby. Visitors staying at the Yoshino Cedar House can feel the atmosphere.


Yoshino Cedar House Common Area (Photos from: Airbnb)

Yoshino Cedar House Living Room (Photos from: Airbnb)

Nature, Community, and People

Yoshino Cedar House was built by Airbnb’s design studio Samara and Tokyo Architects, and jointly operated by the Yoshino local community. The purpose of creating the Yoshino Cedar House is to make let tourists know more about Yoshino Town and understand the local social culture during the stay. Another purpose is that the income of the hostel can be used to support the life of residents and the development of the community. The wood used in the Yoshino Cedar House is planted by the locals using the traditional method. The cultivation and wood processing techniques they use are precious and losing. The architect of Yoshino Cedar House, Go Hasegawa, also hopes that when people staying in Yoshino Cedar House, they can understand the local crafts and traditions.

Yoshino Cedar House Bedroom (Photos from: Airbnb)

The Beauty of Wood and Craftsmanship

Yoshino Cedar House is located next to the Yoshino River. The windows of the house face both east and west, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset every day. Yoshino River is also a place where residents go every day. Going for a walk and fishing next to the river are the daily routine of the locals.

The Yoshino Cedar House has two rooms, two different styles of beauty. One faces the sunrise and the other faces the sunset. The walls and floors in the room are all made of cedarwood. The Japanese-style furniture matches the whole wooden atmosphere. The sunshine on the wood let the house look warm and cozy. The Yoshino Cedar House has two levels of activity space. The ground floor is a shared space, and the second floor is bedrooms. Both levels are connected by a wooden staircase, which is simple and integrated into the overall space without a sense of disharmony.