Bu: The Classic Tungsten Lamp

By Mokuomo

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Classic Tungsten Lamp with Dimmer

  • Enhance Calmness
  • 100% Handcrafted
  • Made from vintage wood
  • Vintage Tungsten Lamp
  • Best decoration for home and office
  • Solid and Undamagable
Product Information

  • Type: Tungsten Lamp
  • Collection: Designer Limited Collection
  • Wood Type: Balau wood
  • Production process: Handcrafted
  • Product of Origin: Hong Kong
  • Dimension: 5 cm x 9.5 cm x 30.5 cm

Order and Shipping Detail
  • Orders will be processed within 1-5 working days
  • Local and international shipping
  • 100 days warranty
  • 100% safe & secure checkout

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Wood Brings Calmness

Mokuomo appreciate the beauty of different type of woods. We believe that wood is the most natural material that can help us to relax, and to bring us back to nature. It can help us to enter into the state of flow and to be present and mindful. We think it is a type of must have material at home to embrace the concept of slow living and minimalism.

Woodworking Procedures

This very first step is jointing and sawing in order to tranform rough lumber into smooth board and cutting huge board into appropriate sizes. Then the wood master will start to drill and create holes in between the wood so as to install the light in it. Also, the dimmer will be installed at this stage. After that, it is the sanding, scraping, filing and finishing process. These processes are extremely important and require high level of experience and skills. These are very crucial steps as they directly impact the touch, the color and the quality of the final product.

100% Historical

Same as the 2 classic bench in the collection, Bu’s material also came from the old junk rig “Sanfunghou” in the 1990. But the wood material used for Bu was neither from the deck nor the bed. It was originally a small shelf for captain to store his personal belongings. Although the wood is not young, with the technical repair and polish conducted by Wood Master Mr Ho, it looks indifferently from a brand-new wood and of course perform indifferently from a brand-new wood.

Bu is handcrafted by our Wood Master Mr Ho. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and has more than 20 years of experience in woodworking and product design. He dedicates 200% of his time and effort in every single piece of his products and ensure all of them reach the world-class standard.

Vintage Tungsten Lamp

In the modern world, tungsten lamps are gradually replaced by different types of new lighting sources. Now it is not easy for us to find tungsten lamp in the market. The tungsten lamp can be perceived to be the ancestor of the electric light bulb. Its principle is to utilize the heat generated from the current passing through the filament and then to surge the filament temperature, and eventually generating light.
Although the tungsten lamp is being replaced gradually by the society, we think that the vintage, the elegancy and the nobleness feeling cannot be easily replaced. These irreplaceable feeling completely align with our collections’ design concept, and that’s the reason why we insist to use the tungsten lamp in our product Bu.

Vintage Decoration For Your Home

Vintage decoration utilizes different decor items from the old time to picture a nostalgic and warm look. Bu should be one of your very best option for vintage decoration. Bu does not only possess a very vintage and classic look, but also has a phenomenal history background. Having Bu at your home can definitely upgrade your home decoration to a completely whole new level.

Solid and Undamageable

Although Bu was made of the shelf wood, instead of the deck wood of the junk rig, its key material is also Balau wood which is extremely durable and can endure all kind of extreme condition, such as heat, cold, sunlight and even water.

Reviews from Customers

Kelvin Goh - Facebook

The design is very unique and Love the wood smell really like it so much and the seller is very kind to response my every single Messages . Really good seller .

Valentina Olvera Lara - Kickstarter

I just want to let you know that I received the package and this product looks so good! I am very happy with it, thanks!

Nancy Thompson - Kickstarter

We liked our Woodas so much that we wanted others to enjoy them too. So we put them in our vacation home. It didn’t take long before they were stolen. Guess others appreciated them too!

Lawrence Chiu - Google

Cosy and enjoyable product! Visit mokuomo during the christmas season and pick up a brand-new moku towel. It was a total blast, and we had a lot of laugh with it. I'd recommend it to everyone who loves fun and eco - friendly materials and product:)

Debbie Cheng - Pinkoi

The texture of this wooden mini version is very good, and the color is also very beautiful, just a simple placement is already very nice 💙

Victoria Ko - Google

Very cool home decoration. And interesting playing toy. Amazing wood grain and aroma as well. Love it !