El Bosque


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Made up of 51 types of wood

  • Design and made in Spain
  • Made up of 51 types of wood
  • Develop Senses and Explore Wisdom
  • Artistic home decoration
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Slow living design concept
  • For adult and children
Product Information
  • Type: Artistic toy
  • aterial: 51 different types of wood
  • Size: 10(w)× 10(l)× 30(h) cm
  • Weight: 1.85 kg
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Made up of 51 Types of Wood

This forest, resembling a bookshelf, includes a wide variety of woods and is made up of 51 pieces, each engraved with the name of the tree that it came from.
Each unit of this product is a limited edition, as each Bosque comes from the remains of trees that we, together with numerous friends and collaborators, have collected and preserved over time, as a mean to extend their lives. Therefore, when the wood from one particular tree has been used up, we carry on with that of another tree, making each set and series of El Bosque truly unique.

Develop Senses and Explore Wisdom

El Bosque is a game designed to develop the senses and to explore the wisdom that we humans acquired when we first began to observe, intently and intensely, each tree, each bush, each variety of wood. The game can also lead us to rediscover much that was known by our ancestors but that has since been forgotten. The pieces may also be played with freely, stacking them any way you please.

Artistic Home Decoration

This collection is more than just a toy. It is a piece of art and can undoubtedly upgrade your home’s artistic atmosphere into a whole different level. Play with it, look at it and appreciate it. It is definitely something that can help you to slow down and relax a bit after a long busy day.