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By Mokuomo

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Slide-door Multifunctional Wooden Box

  • 100% Handcrafted
  • Ergonomics Design
  • Smart Slide-door Design
  • Solid Walnut Wood
Product Information

  • Type: Multifunctional Wooden Box
  • Collection: Designer Limited Collection
  • Wood Type: Walnut wood
  • Production process: Handcrafted
  • Product of Origin: Hong Kong
  • Dimension: 19 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm

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Smart Slide-door Design

Hako looks plain, but detailed and extraordinary. The Hako wooden box utilizes the most original carpenter craftsmanship skills such as “tenon into tenon”, “one-piece into tenon”, and “tenon opening into groove closing”, which makes it one of the best wooden box of all time. It completely demonstrates the skills and spirit of old carpenter, which makes the appearance simple, exquisite, retro, and dexterous.

Thousands Types of Usage

The Hako wooden box is a multifunctional wooden box with tens of thousands type of usages. Users can use their imagination to transform Hako into wooden boxes for different purposes, such as pencil boxes, cutlery boxes, tissue boxes, tea boxes, and even private money box.

Purely Handcrafted

Hako is purely handcrafted by our wood master duo Hankyu. They insist to handle everything from the beginning till the end, from wood cutting, wood angle positioning to fine carving in order to make sure that every single piece of product meets the design expectation. Hankyu never turn blind eyes on any type of defects, and try to polish and create their zero-defect product.

Ergonomics Design

All sides of Hako have been carefully trimmed, so that each side is balanced and smooth and with clear lines. The whole Hako design is also built according to ergonomics. Because of this, when Hako is held by users, it is not easy to fall, and it can offer the user a very strong hand feeling.

The Solid Walnut Wood

Hankyu chooses walnut logs as raw materials. The main reasons are that walnut wood possesses clear wood grain, heavy color, and has a dizzying large parabolic pattern, which is deeply loved by everyone. In addition, walnut wood is solid and has good stability, and it is not easy to crack and deform, which has made it an excellent material for making wooden boxes.