Japanese Rubber Wood Multifunctional Tray

HK$52.00 $68.00
By Mokuomo

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Original Japanese Style

  • Stylish and simple tray for your home
  • 100% crafted with rubber wood
  • Japanese minimalist design
  • Food grade quality 
  • A must have at home
  • Available in different sizes
Product Information

  • Type: Wooden tray
  • Material: Rubber wood
  • Production process: Crafted
  • Size: 12×4.5 cm / 15×4.5 cm / 18×4.5 cm / 21×4.5 cm / 24×4.5 cm

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Made of Natural Rubber Wood

Crafted by our experienced wood master, no other chemicals and artificial colours are added in order to preserve the natural details of the wood. Regarding the material, the multifunctional tray is crafted with natural rubber wood. Rubber wood is an environmental-friendly wood that is very stable and durable. It is also famous for its hardness. With the refined wood grain and the natural colour of rubber wood, this Japanese rubber wood multifunctional tray add an extra feeling of elegancy to your home.

Smooth & Easy to Clean

Rubber wood is a durable hardwood which is suitable for making homeware. The multifunctional tray has an exceptionally smooth surface, making it very easy to clean. Simply wash and dry it. No detergents and chemical cleaners are needed.

Japanese Minimalist Design

As designed by our experienced wood master, the rubber wood multifunctional tray integrates the Japanese minimalist and simple design concept. We strive to keep the originality of the rubber wood without adding any artificial elements and colours. With our unique cutting, the distinctive grain patterns of rubber wood stand out, creating a vintage, classy and elegant appearance.

A Must-have at Home

Our Japanese wooden tray is definitely a must-have at home. This rubber wooden tray is perfect to use in different places such as kitchen and dining room. The tray are cut with unique cutting angle, and its stunning grain patterns also highlight its elegant appearance. With the attractive look, this Japanese rubber wooden tray is suitable to be used in different occasions.