Japanese Walnut Wooden Plate

By Mokuomo

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Simplicity with Elegancy

  • 100% Handcrafted
  • Japanese Minimalist Design
  • Made of Elegant Walnut Wood
Product Information

  • Type: Wooden Plate
  • Collection: Designer Limited Collection
  • Wood Type: Walnut wood
  • Production process: Handcrafted
  • Dimension: 20 cm (r) x 2.2 cm (h)

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100% Handcrafted

The Japanese walnut wooden plate is 100% natural and handmade by wood master Kento Takahashi. No artificial colors or other chemicals are added so as to preserve and highlight the natural details of the logs. Kento possesses the trait of craftsmanship and was involved in every single step during production, from reclaiming, billeting, forming, smoothing edges to grinding and polishing. That is the reason why the product can be so delicate, smooth and beautiful.

Japanese Minimalist Design

As designed by Japanese wood master Kento Takahashi, the walnut wooden bowl integrates the Japanese minimalist and simplicity design concept. Wood master Kento advocates minimalism and simplicity, and strives to preserve the originality of the walnut wood. “Simply is Beauty.” he always said. By observing the details, you can notice that although the product is not decorated with fancy coloring or engraving, the Japanese walnut wooden bowl is elegant in its own clean and simple way.

Made of Elegant Walnut Wood

After careful selection of material by Kento Takahashi, walnut was finally selected. This is because walnut wood is strong and hard, it is stable and durable, and it is not easy to crack and deform.” Kento said. In addition, the color is relatively dark and heavy, and the texture is clear and beautiful, which makes it an ideal and excellent material for making our Japanese walnut wooden plate. Matching the solid and elegant feeling of walnut wood with Kento’s simplicity design, it has become an impressive piece of art of all time.

A Must-Have at Home

The Japanese walnut wooden plate is definitely a must-have at your home. Its elegant appearance, artistic feeling, deep color and extraordinary wood grain can undoubtedly add extra spicy to everyone’s dining table. Our Japanese walnut wooden plate is suitable for all occasions and it is definitely something to impress your guests and friends.