Wanu Elephant Family

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By Mokuomo

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Cute animal decoration

  • Enhance Calmness
  • 100% Handcrafted
  • Japanese Minimalist Design
  • Natural Real Walnut Wood
  • Cheering Everyone Up
Product Information

  • Type: Art Decoration
  • Collection: Designer Limited Collection
  • Wood Type: Walnut Wood
  • Production process: Handcrafted
  • Dimension: 10.2 cm (r) x 6.1 cm (h)

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Experience the Power of Creativity with Mokuomo: Where Simplicity, Quality, and Innovative Design Unleash Your Imagination.

Wood Brings Calmness

Mokuomo appreciate the beauty of different type of woods. We believe that wood is the most natural material that can help us to relax, and to bring us back to nature. It can help us to enter into the state of flow and to be present and mindful. We think it is a type of must have material at home to embrace the concept of slow living and minimalism.

Japanese Minimalist Design

Wood Master Demian, who is the designer and producer of Wanu Elephant Family, is fond of Japanese minimalist design. Therefore in terms of details and materials, he tries his best to outline the feeling of simplicity. Through simple and powerful design, Master Demian hopes to bring out the lovely, warm and harmonious feeling of the elephant family.

Handcrafted by Wood Master

Wanu Elephant Family is 100% handcrafted by Wood Master Demian. From selecting materials, forming, highlighting lines, smoothing edges, inclination angle, to polishing and other different processes, Demian does it all by himself, and always strives for perfection to ensure the product reaches the best level.

Natural Real Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is very strong, stable and durable. It also has a delicate, clear texture and solid color, creating a noble feeling.

Therefore, Wood Master Demian deliberately used walnut wood, making the Wanu Elephant Family not only looks cute, but also presents an elegant and refined feeling.