Woodas Christmas Package

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By Mokuomo

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Your Minimalist Christmas Gift

  • Wonderful Christmas Gift
  • Handcrafted with 8 different kinds of woods
  • Environment friendly concept
  • Inspired in Kyoto, Japan
  • Unique colour, grains, aroma and weight
  • Exclusive crafting technique
  • Minimal design
  • Toy with art
  • Train creativity, imagination and hand-eye coordination
Product Information

  • Type : Christmas Artistic Decoration
  • Full set including:5 standard Woodas rocks, 5 mini Woodas rocks、1 Woodas Base、1 Storage Bag
  • Material: Walnut wood, pine wood, ash wood, sapele wood, maple wood, rosewood, camphor wood, birch wood
  • Production process: handcrafted
  • Suitable: Everyone above 3 years old

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Experience the Power of Creativity with Mokuomo: Where Simplicity, Quality, and Innovative Design Unleash Your Imagination.

Special Christmas Gift

On top of the 5 standard Woodas rocks, the Christmas package consist of 5 extra mini rocks, which adds much more different stacking combination to this amazing little wooden decoration. So in total you will get 5 standard rocks and 5 mini rocks!

The Woodas Christmas Packages is a limited edition for Christmas. It is definitely an unusual gift for your friends and families. This Christmas package is definitely something you should have to put under your glittering Christmas tree!!

The Christmas Vibe

From the box to the components of the Woodas Christmas Package, everything is full of Christmas vibe! The little red box is just something that you need for celebrating Christmas!!

Unique Characteristics of Woods

Woodas only selects the most prestigious, yet socially responsible and eco-friendly wood in the market. It utilizes 8 different woods, each with its own unique color, texture, weight and smell. Every pieces is unique and has its own characteristics.

There are in total 8 types of different woods in this Christmas package including: ash, pine, maple, sapele, walnut, rosewood, birch and camphor.

100% Handcrafted & Minimal Design

Each piece of wood is carefully crafted by our professional wood smith. Hand-crafting wood takes time but we can pay attention to so much more small details. When you look at each one in detail, you will discover that each one has at least slight differences. Every piece of Woodas is unique and is the heart and soul of our wood smith.

The design of Woodas was inspired in Kyoto, Japan. Woodas advocates minimal and simplicity, so we do not paint any artificial paint on the wood in order to keep its originality. When you stack up Woodas, you will see the different patterns and color integrating with each other, taking this already elegant artwork to another level.

Eco-friendly Production

Environmental protection is also on top of our agenda. We collect unwanted wood furniture in the market and also cooperate with different factories to collect their unwanted scrap wood. Then we process them and transform them into this amazing little toy!

Special Wooden Aroma

It works just like aroma oil or essential oil. The smell of the natural wood can help you to relax, concentrate and stay focus. It can also help to awaken yourself when you feel sleepy.

That’s why apart from a toy, it is also a perfect decoration on your desk at home or in the office. Some type of woods, for example pine wood can also effectively absorb harmful substance in the air and improve indoor air quality.

An Artistic Toy to Train Your Brain

Playing with Woodas does not have rules and restriction. It is a great artistic toy to train creativity, patience, imagination, and hand-eye coordination. It is not only a good group activity that you can play with your friends and families, but also an amazing ME time activity.

Woodas is a wooden toy for everyone (above 3 years old). Woodas can effectively help us to relieve stress and is a special toy that does not have a specific way to play. Everyone can utilize their creativity and imagination and enjoy the wonderful game time moment with their friends and family. Of course, Woodas is not only a evergreen toy that you won’t get bored to, it is also an art piece. Appreciating Woodas from different angles will give you a completely different feeling.

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