Wood has an elegant and generous appearance but is one of the more fragile materials among many different materials. Wood is easily accumulated with dirt and grease from the surrounding environment, and it can become moldy due to factors such as humidity. If not properly cleaned, it can easily lose its shine and look very old. Today, we will teach you several methods to clean wood, allowing your wooden products at home to regain their shine.


Wood Cleaning Method (Simple)

Cleaning the wood is not as difficult as everyone imagines. The most basic method is to remove dust, simply using a brush or a clean cloth to sweep away the dust can be very effective in preventing dirt or dust from accumulating on the surface of the wood. If you want to further clean, you can occasionally use soap water, or wood cleaner to lightly wipe the surface of the wood. This can effectively remove the grease and dirt on the surface of the wood, but the disadvantage is that soap or cleaner may leave water stains or chemical residues, damaging the surface of the wood. Therefore, when using it, be careful and pay attention to the amount. In addition, everyone can consider using some non-toxic natural products for cleaning, such as vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, etc. These natural products are not only effective but also do not contain toxic chemicals.


Wood Cleaning Method (Advanced)

When using natural products for cleaning, you can refer to the following methods, but remember that different wood stains have different cleaning methods and techniques. If you find dirt on the wood, you can first sprinkle ash on the dirt, and then clean it with a mixture of vinegar and turpentine. You can also simply use olive oil or lemon juice to achieve almost the same effect. However, if it is a dark water stain, you need to use an abrasive. To effectively remove stubborn water stains, you need to remove the paint film on the surface of the wood, but this step requires a higher level of technique, as a slight mistake can easily damage the wood and cause an uneven surface. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners not use this method, or should use it with the assistance of an experienced person. After using the abrasive, use the cleaner for the final cleaning to complete the task.


Handling Mold on Wood

If you encounter mold on wood, you can first use dry paper towels to clean the moldy area and then use alcohol with a soft brush or towel to clean it. Basically, the mold can be cleaned up! But the most important thing is to find the cause of the mold on the wood and deal with it. Generally, it is due to a humid surrounding environment or being wet by other items. If you place wooden products in a dry and cool environment, it can effectively improve the problem.


The above methods for cleaning wood are very simple. I hope they can help you take good care of your beloved wooden products! If you are interested, you can read more on "【Ulitmate Guide】How to Preserve Wood Effectively?"