Quick History of Wood

In history, wood can give people the feeling of harmony and warmness. It is one of the longest standing building materials in human history, with evidence showing its existence over 10 thousand years ago. It has played an important role in human civilization. It can be easily found all around the worlds in different countries and different continents, showing its popularity in human history.

Comment From Frank Lloyd Wright

The famous architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright is fond of wooden material. His love and passion into wood is just beyond imagination. He has once mentioned “Wood is the most humane and amazing material on earth!” The very warm color of wood gives people a sense of peacefulness, and the grains is filled with history and stories. Many of his famous masterpiece has utilized wood as the major material.

Handcrafted Wood Features

I know many of you love wooden products, including me. However, when we are choosing different kinds of wooden product, we will need to pay attention to whether it is handmade or machine-made. Handmade by wood smith can give people a very different feeling from those that are machine-made. Handmade products offer people a sense of vividity and focus a lot more on the tiny details. Although handmade wood product cannot be perfectly flawless, this is exactly the beauty of it, and this is exactly the reason why people love handmade wood products.

Best Meditation Companion

Apart from all the amazing appearance, handcrafted wooden decoration can also help people to relax in this stressful world. The random grains on the wood with its natural color can help you to easily enter to the flow state of mind. By simply looking at the wood itself, you can already forget all the troubles and stress you encountered. With the amazing and unforgettable aroma from different woods, it is also a wonderful companion to practice meditation.