First of all, in order to distinguish whether it is real wood or not, it is important for us to understand the different characteristics of various woods. However, we understand that not everyone of us is a wood experts or have too much experience in crafting wood. If you don’t have a deep understanding of wood, don’t panic. We have several very straight forward methods to check whether the materials are real wood or not.

Method 1: Check the Scars and Texture

First, check the scars and texture carefully. Wooden furnishings made of real wood usually have natural color differences, and there are clear differences in its texture. It should also has more or less a fit defects on the surface. But on the contrary, artificial wood consist of very few or even no defects on the surface, which is very unnatural. No matter how skilful the wood smith is or how many times you polish the surface, real woods always have some scars. By checking the amount, the position and consistency of the scars, you can easily distinguish whether they are made of real wood or not.

Method 2: Check the Binding Interface

Secondly, check whether there is binding interface. If the furniture or the wooden “creature” is made of real wood, there shouldn’t be any binding interface. Check carefully on the surface and try to spot any binding interface. If you can find some clear binding interface, you can be 99% sure that it is made of artificial wood.

Method 3: Smell and Touch

Finally, you can use both your hand and nose. You can tap the surface of the wooden furnishings with your hands for a few times. If it is made of real wood, the sound will be relatively solid and crisp. But on the contrary, if it is made of artificial wood or wood-based panels, the sound will be relatively heavy and low. After that, you can also smell the wood. If it is real wood, it will usually carry unique smell or aroma of that particular tree species. On the contrary, artificial wood will have a relatively pungent and unpleasant smell.

These are the way that you can distinguish whether it is made from real wood or not. Hope this article will help you do so!