Generally speaking, art has played an important role in human’s life. You can easily see art around you every single day, ranging from music, movie, handicraft, contemporary art to even an ancient portrait. Art has existed for such a long period of time even before the existence of formal education system. Although classic art is probably not for everyone, but I am pretty sure you will definitely fall in love with handicraft.

Handicraft has been standing a very significant role in history. Around 2.6 million years ago, Homo Habillis used the material around them to build tools, which was also known as the very first handicraft. There are so many different types of handicraft, such as papercraft, pottery, glass craft, jewellery and etc. Indian handicraft and Chinese handicraft are among the oldest handcrafting civilization in the world. The handicraft industry has become prosperous during the mediaeval period and has kept on growing until the British arrived in India. However, because of the British introduction of machine making, people started to drift towards machine-making product as it was relatively much cheaper.

On the other hand, Chinese handicraft is viewed as the valuable treasure of Chinese culture, which has amazing reputation locally and abroad. In the past, Chinese handicraft product are largely derived from civil and used material locally. Product including paper cutting, wood craving and woodcut new year pictures are famous locally and internationally.

The most famous civilization that utilized woodworking are the Egyptian, the Chinese and the Japanese. Different civilization has got different practice of woodworking but all of them influenced our life. When you look at the ancient building carefully, especially in those countries, you can easily notice different very detailed carving which represents different culture background of that period of time. For example, the Japanese wood carvers love to decorate their creations with lacquer that transformed the decoration into a piece of art. All these ancient woodworking examples has posed great influences on the development of the modern woodworking concept.